MICKEY PRICE; Journey to Oblivion

The race to space and the missions to the moon.
   The greatest shared adventure in American history.
      But ... what if we haven't heard the whole story?
         The most amazing tale is still untold.
            Until now.

The twins ask their dad, Mickey Price, to tell them a story. THE story. HIS story. The one about the adventure he had when he was their age. As darkness falls and the surrounding campfires go dark and quiet, they settle back to listen.


Mickey takes us back to when he was a kid, growing up in Orlando.  Then we meet Trace Daniels, a young racing phenom, winning her first go-kart championship in Nevada. And Jonah Jones, a budding inventor and scientist in Illinois. Three ordinary kids, but with flashes of extraordinary talents. What ties them together?  Each one is visited by men in short-sleeved white shirts, thin black ties, distinctive gold-colored sunglasses … and carrying a mysterious invitation that they can’t refuse.


Journey to Oblivion is an adventure that starts firmly rooted on earth.  But with every page, the mystery deepens and the adventure accelerates.  Mickey’s story is so detailed that it can’t be made up, but so incredible that it can’t be true.  Or can it?  True story?  Read to the end … and then read what’s in the envelope.

John Stanley lives in Durham, NC. At night, when the moon is clear and full in the Carolina sky, you might catch him staring upwards, wondering what it would be like to stand on the lunar surface and look up at a small, blue earth, swirled with white clouds.  He and his wife, both lawyers, hope their twin boys will grow up to be explorers or scientists or historians or teachers, but will still love them if they become lawyers too.

Mickey Price: Journey to Oblivion is John's first book.  F
irst self-published in limited release in 2011, it is now available nationwide from Tanglewood Publishing. 

An action-adventure novel for young readers

By John P. Stanley
Published by Tanglewood Publishing
Visit Tanglewood online HERE!
Paperback -- 299 pages
Published 2013

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